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Frisch AS is specialised within corporate and competitive intelligence. Assignments that Frisch AS recently has completed for our clients include:

• Planning and execution of an emergency response exercise for the management of an international oil service company

• Internal and external communications before, during and after a substantial re-organisation of a company in the financial sector

• Negotiation support during a shareholder conflict and sale of a major Nordic retail company

• Information gathering and analysis in connection with a significant technology and services procurement process within the defence sector

• Positioning of a financial expert environment as the preferred media commentator within their field

• Positioning of a CEO within the public arena

• Political and financial communications through the planning and establishment of a cutting edge energy recycling

• Facilitating the production of a report outlining necessary changes to the current tax legislation

• Assistance in dialogue with The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

• Assistance in dialogue with The Climate and Pollution Agency of Norway

• Assistance in dialogue with The Competition Authority of Norway